Keites Styles

The house and garden was built in 1938 by Molly Noble, whose parents owned
Dane House where all the houses of Dane Close now stand, on her marriage to
Jock. The basic structure was designed at this time, with many mature trees
(eg Marsh Redwood, Paper-bark maple and Eucalyptus)and shrubs throughout.
This has been added to and modified since 1997 when we moved in, but keeping
the same plan.

The surrounding Beech hedge provide a secluded microclimate,sheltering the garden from wind and neighbours. It is organic, using selfproduced compost, wood ash and supplementary horse and chicken manure to boost soil structure and provide nutrients. It has a cottage garden feel, with the two rectangular rose borders in front of the house mixing roses with lupins, geraniums, self seeded annuals and a variety of shrubs and perennials.

There is an eclectic mix of plants mixed together in loose colour schemes. Climbing roses and clematis weave through other shrubs and pergolas. There is year round interest, from the first aconites and snow drops, to Dahlias, asters and nerines in the late autumn, hellebores and winter flowering cherry.

New areas are continually evolving, especially near the drive/garage which was built in 2013. Low hedging and arches help to separate areas, as do shrubs and bushes creating private and secluded patches in which to relax. A pond, bog garden and small patio near a French doorway allow connection with the inside. A wall separates the working area where a large cage contains raised vegetable borders, and some fruit bushes. The above ground pool and greenhouse, with adjacent mixed border completes this part. This is a very wildlife friendly garden, with numerous native plants encouraging insects (particularly Stag beetles) and copious birdlife, and even a hibernating dormouse and hedgehog!

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